Rory Feek and Steve Zachar
Copyright Harlan Howard Songs / Mighty Starlifter Music -BMI

I can’t promise there won’t be
Rough waters ahead for you and me,
The rain’s gonna fall, the wind's gonna blow,
It’ll toss us around, but you need to know

With all my strength, I’ll row this boat
We may take on water, but we’ll stay afloat

‘Til my dying day, Girl there’s no doubt

I won’t jump ship, I won’t bail out
I promise you now, wherever this boat may go…I’ll row.

We may get off course from day to day
But with the good Lord’s help, we’ll find our way
And I’ll be by your side, both hands on the oar,
‘Til the journey’s end, ‘til we reach the shore

(Repeat chorus)

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