Reese Wilson & Steve Zachar
Copyright Stage Three Music -BMI / Mighty Starlifter Music -BMI

I know you said we're through
And there's nothing I can do
To change your heart or change your mind
That's just the way it is this time

And I've seen you look at him
Like you looked at me then
But all that is is what remains
Of all the love that we once made

I'd know that love anywhere,
I'm the one who put it there
And if he'd only look inside your heart he'd find me everywhere
He may have changed a thing or two
and tried to make it look brand new
But he didn't do it good enough,
I'd know that love anywhere

I know you think it's real
The way you think you feel
But that love's mine and soon I know
It's bound to find its way back home

(Repeat Chorus)

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