Rory Feek & Steve Zachar

Copyright BlackTop Music Group-ASCAP/BMI and
GiantSlayer Music-ASCAP

Let’s get on the Internet
Book a super-saver jet
Get as far as we can get…
Away from here

Baby, rent a new sports car
Head to where the mountains are
Keep on going til we’re far…
Away from here

Away from here and this old rat-race
Leave the kids at your momma’s place
Spend a couple care-free days…
Away from here,

Away from here and our hectic lives
PTA s and our nine-to-fives
On anything that flies or sails or drives…
Away from here!

Let’s just take a three-day cruise
See some panoramic views
Find some sand and lose our shoes…
Away from here

We don’t even have to pack
Throw some old clothes in a sack
Hold up in some island shack…
Away from here

Repeat Chorus


Then again, Baby what the hell,
Let’s just find a close motel
Spend a night all by ourselves…
Away from here

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