Rory Feek, Tina Marzola and Steve Zachar
Copyright Harlan Howard Songs-BMI / Mighty Starlifter Music-BMI

If you wake up two hours late and find your alarm clock's gone,
And you try to call your boss, but wait! Somebody took the phone...
And on the way to the kitchen you notice everything is missin' From the couch to the stereo
Don't look outside 'cause your truck and your pride Are on their way to Mexico
That's just the way she goes
It's always the same
She comes in whispering hello
And leaves you cussin' her name
She don't mean nothin' by it,
it's just her way of saying
"See ya later, have a nice day!"
Everybody 'round here knows
That's just the way she goes

If you walk down to the bank and try to make a withdrawl
And the teller calls the manager and the manager calls the law
'Cause someone took your checkbook and everything else you had
When you're sittin' in jail all the other boys'll tell you It really ain't all that bad

(Repeat chorus)

Well she did the exact same thing to me
And Bubba and Earl and Jimmie Lee

Everybody 'round here knows...
That's just the way she goes

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