Fun-Lovin' Kids
Reese Wilson and Steve Zachar
Copyright Stage Three Music-BMI / Mighty Starlifter Music-BMI

Take a little rowdy, take a little proud
The need to be heard and the will to get loud
Add some Country Music... is there any other kind?
With boys and girls lookin for a good time
Throw it all together and what do you get?
The perfect combination for a fun-lovin' kid

Folks use the word "lazy" when they talk about us
Say we hate responsibility -- everybody does.
They say we're scared of work, but that ain't right
It's just that we work harder on our weekend nights
They'll never understand us, that's just the way it is,
They act like they were never ever fun-lovin' kids.

We like cool summer nights, hot radios,
Fast cars fast and a slow dance slow
Sure we're kinda crazy... at least we admit it
We're livin' for the moment and lovin' every minute


We ain't askin' for the world 'cause we know how to have
A whole night of fun on a half a tank of gas
Ain't hurtin' nobody, 'bout the worst we ever do
Is fire up a party and burn a little youth
Ain't breakin' any laws when we steal a little kiss
So what's the harm in bein' a fun-lovin' kid?

(Repeat Chorus)

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