Rory Feek, Flip Anderson & Steve Zachar

Copyright BlackTop Music Group-ASCAP/BMI

I stood at the altar and looked in your eyes
I swore I would love you until my dying day
But nobody told me it was gonna be this tough
Was anything else I’d long given up and walked away
But I made you a promise when I said I did that day

What do you do, when you don’t anymore?
When the love that you knew, it ain’t there like before
Breaks my heart in two, cause I swore that I won’t
Ever leave you, but what do you do… when you don’t?

It’s nobody’s fault. We ain’t done nothin’ wrong
I just woke up one morning and the feeling was gone away
And now I’m afraid it won’t come back again
We used to be lovers, seems we’re more like friends these days
What I would give to still love the night away

(Repeat chorus)

What do you do, when you really want to…. but you don’t

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